Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Patricia Woodbury, Moving Spirit Dancers
        THIS WAS THE DAY! The guards were ready…all in a day’s work…just doing their job…just following orders, like the Nazi soldiers did so many years later. But somehow this crucifixion seemed different. The guards inspected the site and took their places. They tried to ignore the relentless pleading of the woman who wanted so much to get someone to listen and help her save her son. They had a job to do, and besides, the crowd must have some reason for what they were doing. In fact, it was much easier if you just went along with them and joined in the “mob mentality” by adding a few blows to the already beaten victim. Yes, and remind him that there was no escape by making mock crosses in front of him and behind him.
          Even his own disciples had denied him so what could you expect of others? As the crowd grew more demanding and chaotic, the guards utilized their military training and tightened the techniques of crowd control. The guards make their choices…but at what price?

        But wait, there was definitely something different about this man. He did not resist…he prayed for those who were taunting and torturing him. Still, the guards had a job to do and they followed orders…”did their duty”, made their choice. For Jesus, there was no other choice. He knew what He had to do…be obedient unto death…even death on a cross. As the music indicates, this choice was about LOVE for you and me. Mary could have stayed at home, but she made her choice and tried to the last to save her beloved Son.

        Then the transition…the transformation…the crowd and the guards realize what they have done…choices have consequences.

        WERE YOU THERE WHEN THEY CRUCIFIED MY LORD? We were there…we are there. We always have a choice. What will your choice be? Will you choose for Him, with Him and in Him?

          Prayer: Dear God, help us to make choices to stand for the hard right against the easy wrong. Amen