Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Doris Gwaltney
Weaving in and out of death
I am God and I am man
I am star blown darkness
I am the formlessness of unreflected light
My breath is incense
Thick in the air as on the day of creation
My hands and feet, twisted tight
Against the olive wood,
Drop blood incessantly, nurturing
The ground below and all
Flowers, grass and foliage
My spirit trapped
For thirty two years
Is flying toward the clouds
A blaze of light
The pain a childish memory
But the Father says it is not time
To leave the evils of the earth
And I come floating back
Trysting with the trees
Tempted to smash these poor and paltry people
Who nailed me to a wooden beam
But once again the fist sized muscle
Which many will call the seat of love
Abruptly stops
Again I am released
And my spirit expands into its maker
Love spurts from my body like hailstones
Anointing those
Who lately hammered my flesh to the tree
Forgive them, father, for they know not…
Though I will speak again
I need not
It is enough