Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Alice Kornegay Quinn
          Shoe laces have been washed, all shoes shined and polished, corsages for the girls and ladies have been purchased. Everything is almost ready for Easter Sunday. Of course, the new Easter bonnet is just waiting to be attached to that pretty head of hair. All the ladies will be decked out in their new Easter finery. Now ready to begin a glorious new day.
          For some people, they will arise early to go to a beautiful sunrise ceremony, others will attend their church of choice. Almost everyone will attend a church service on this day of all days.
          This is the day we celebrate Easter. Easter is the day of resurrection of Christ, a rebirth of our Lord and Savior after his crucifixion on Good Friday. This was a day of mourning for the followers and believers of Jesus. Easter is a day of resurrection when God raised Jesus from the dead and began his exalted life as Christ and Lord.
          The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our Christian faith and is the cornerstone of faith as described in the New Testament.
          So, as we prepare for Easter Sunday in our Easter finery no matter what religious belief we may have or what church we may attend, let us never forget what Easter represents. It’s not about how well dressed we are or that new Easter bonnet. Let us always remember Christ arose from his tomb and ascended into heaven to save us. He gave his life to give the gift of eternal life in heaven for us who believe in his death and resurrection.