Preschool, Children, & Youth




What We Offer

          Trinity has offers programs for Preschool Education, Children’s Ministries, and Youth Ministries. We serve the needs of children from 2 years old to 18 years old. Visit the Preschool Page, or the Children’s Ministries Page, or the Youth Ministries Page for more information.

Preschool Education

Education classes for 2, 3, and 4 year olds that take place Monday through Thursday. Visit the Preschool Page for more information

Children’s Ministries

Variety of church programs and activities from our youngest nursery children up through 5th grade children. Visit the Children’s Program Page for more information.
Kim Orrock
Director of Children’s Ministries

Youth Ministries

Variety of church programs and activities for middle and high school aged youth. Please visit the Youth Programs Page for more information.
Bekah Elmore
Youth Ministries Director