Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Talmage Gwaltney
Mary was there on Calvary Hill,
She suffered the agony and pain,
For there her Son, the hated one,
The one so brutally slain.
Now it was finished, the day was past,
The night was wet with dew,
The Christ had died, was crucified,
And Mary died there, too.
She looked in grief upon the scene,
There hung the most divine,
And wondered why, like you and I,
The hatred in mankind.
They lowered our Lord from the rugged cross,
In agony he’d paid the price,
Mary in tears, banished her fears,
And cradled the bleeding Christ.
Gently she wiped the Savior’s brow,
Caressed the sacred head,
Upon the ground, she laid the crown,
My Son, My Son, she said.
Though all the world reject thy love,
And all the world ignore,
I shall defend, ‘til time shall end,
Thy name forever more.
They laid our Lord within the tomb,
The Holy Mother wept,
Her heart was sore, so near the door,
Wherein the Master slept.
And then the stone was rolled away,
All Heaven in full accord,
Then in surprise, she raised her eyes,
There stood the risen Lord.