Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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Talmage Gwaltney
by Joann Burnham
          Talmage Gwaltney was born in Isle of Wight County in 1901. His parents were Burton Oakley Gwaltney, “Bud”, and Lucille Delk Gwaltney. Talmage attended Smithfield schools and the University of Richmond. He liked to write poetry and play tennis. He wrote about his birthplace and was named Poet Laureate of Smithfield. Some of his poems were about Isle of Wight County, Saint Luke’s Church, and the old Courthouse. These poems included the history and lore of Smithfield. He wrote his poems at random over the years. We have included a couple of Talmage’s poems about Easter in the booklet. His parents were members of Trinity Church and he probably grew up attending Trinity. When I was in MYF, we visited Mr. and Mrs. Gwaltney. Back in the 60’s, the youth group was called the MYF, Methodist Youth Fellowship. At that time the Gwaltneys were elderly and lived on Cary Street. Talmage died in 1988. When he died, he was a member of Smithfield Baptist Church.