Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Donna Rynasko
          I shall remember this day forever! I will hurry home now to tell my mother…..
          Oh!  My mother is waiting for me. She scolds me for being late and I must explain to her.
          “While I was walking along on my way home, I heard voices on the main road. I just stopped a minute to see what it was. I walked back to the road and then I could see some people not far away. They were singing “Hosanna! Blessed is He who cometh in the name of the Lord. Hosanna! Hosanna!” I just stopped to watch and then I saw they were waving branches as they sang. And they laid their coats on the road for a donkey to walk on. Then I saw Him! A man was riding the donkey and that was who they were singing to and waving branches. I just stopped to watch a minute. I wanted to go with the people, but I had no branch to wave and I didn’t have a coat. I was standing by the edge of the road just to let the man and all those people go by.
          I wanted to do something.
          Just then I noticed a small pink flower beside the road. I wondered if I could get to it to give to Him and if He would like it. I had to walk over some rocks and through tall grass. Finally I could pick about three of those flowers. I walked back and handed the flowers to Him. When he took them, He smiled ever so slightly and put his hand on my head for barely a minute. I just felt warm and such a peaceful feeling. I knew He was someone special and I would remember Him always. They said He was Jesus—you know, the man your friends told you about. They say He is the son of God and He is coming to Jerusalem for the Passover….Oh, I saw Him and He smiled at me!”