Latest Church News

          Our latest church news and updates can always be found in our church T-mails. In addition to being emailed, our T-mails are posted to this site. Please click here to read our latest church news and announcements. You can also sign up to receive t-mails and read previous t-mail announcements here. 

Live Stream Worship

          You can now view the 11:00 Worship service online, in real time, on this website. Each Sunday morning the 11:00 Worship service will appear both on Facebook Live and on this Website. The countdown is already present and counting down to Sunday morning. Join us in worship!
          Special Note: Our live stream is currently conducted over a wifi connection. We anticipate minor glitches as a result. We are working quickly to have a hardwire internet connection added to the live stream.


Worship Bulletin

November 22
November 29

Worship Schedule

Wednesdays: No Wednesday Services
Online: 11:00 AM on Facebook & this Website in real time
Sundays at 9:30 AM in the FAC, Rivers of Life
Sundays at 11:00 AM in the Sanctuary
*Childcare available
*No pre-registration necessary


Trinity Mission Statement

Reach out to people where they are,
Encourage people to come to Christ,
Accept people for who they are,
Connect people to Jesus and each other,
Help one another grow in Christian Discipleship.

Trinity Vision Statement

          Trinity United Methodist Church will be a church where people experience the transforming love of Christ in worship and faith-sharing, then express this love in mission and service as we grow God’s Community.

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