Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Talmage Gwaltney
His muscles strained, his body sagged,
Beneath the heavy cross he dragged,
Along the road to Calvary’s Hill,
Peter lingered against his will.
The ruts and rocks made rough the way,
This was his darkest and bitterest day,
It was a long hard brutal grind,
While Peter rested and fell behind.
He stumbled and fell beneath the load,
Upon the rutty and dusty road,
Stripped of dignity, his cause forsaken,
Peter’s faith was sorely shaken.
A jeering, noisy, rowdy throng,
No one to help our Lord along,
Crucify him, they cried aloud,
Peter avoided the angry crowd.
A crown of thorns belittled his grace,
Tears and blood were on his face,
Our Lord was paying the ransomed price,
Peter the bold denied him thrice.
When Peter looked on the bleeding Christ,
And saw he’d paid such painful price,
He felt ashamed, and left the crowd,
And went inside and cried aloud.