Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Pat Hall
          “Joy”. Just what is “Joy?” We usually associate the word with Christmas, “Joy to the World,” or with a name, Joy Ann Black or we “jump with joy” at some wonderful news.
        According to Webster’s Dictionary, joy is “ A feeling or state of great delight or happiness, as caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.” That is very long definition for such a tiny word. But joy comes to us in so many ways and in large and small amounts. I believe we can feel small bits of joy, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
        As we approach Spring and the Lenten Season, I think of some of the things, both great and small that bring me joy – warm sunshine, budding trees and flowers, puppies, kittens and new babies. But, Easter brings the greatest joy with the knowledge that Christ loved me so much that He gave His Life for me.
          Prayer: Father God, Thank you for your Son, Jesus Christ, and for His sacrifice. Thank you for all the joy you provide for those who will take the time to see and hear the miracles you place before us. Please slow me down, Lord, so I will feel the joy of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the smile on the face of a friend, so I will hear the voice of a loved one long missed. And, most of all, remind me, Father, to pass on that Joy to others. In Thy Precious Name. Amen
Scripture: John 3:16