Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Donna Rynasko
          It was still very early on Easter morning when I woke up my brother. “It’s Easter! It’s Easter! Hurry up!” My brother, Glenn, who was four jumped from his bed and dressed hurriedly. We both knew that neither of us could open the Easter surprise until my father came in after finishing his chores outside. But there was no Easter Basket in sight as we expected. Mom was busy cooking breakfast. We asked about an Easter Basket but she said she didn’t know anything about Easter Baskets. Neither did Daddy when he came in. But obviously there wasn’t anything that the Easter Bunny could have brought to us in sight. My Mom suggested maybe we should look around but we found nothing. We did have a special Easter breakfast with eggs on buttered toast with a face! At least the breakfast was special and we were hungry!
          All the time my mind was considering the absence of an Easter Surprise. Also my parents didn’t seem too concerned. The Easter Bunny had always come before and left Easter Baskets with candy eggs and a small stuffed toy. At that time, as I was only five, I probably only remembered the previous two Easters. And I still had my stuffed chick he had brought last year. I tried to talk to Glenn about it but he was still looking for his basket as he knew there would be treats. He really didn’t think our parents would know where that bunny would leave our baskets. I knew the Easter Bunny only visited children and wondered why he’d overlooked us. I knew he didn’t bring anything for my parents and didn’t stop at Gramma’s house across the road. But what had happened???
          We had not finished eating our breakfast when we heard a car drive into our driveway. Glenn and I jumped up to see who it was. “It’s Aunt Elma! It’s Aunt Elma!” we both shouted. But Daddy told us to finish our breakfast. “She’ll come in” he said calmly.
          Which she did! After an excited and happy greeting we quickly ate the remainder of our breakfasts. She then took our hands as she said “Let’s go outside.”
          Oh Great! She will play with us! But she just walked across the lawn. Just then I saw a huge basket under the lilac bushes. It had a pink ribbon on it so I assumed it was mine. As I went to investigate, she led Glenn toward the house. There, he found a basket next to a vine by the cellar door. It had a big blue ribbon. Just as we came back into the back porch to show our baskets to Mom and Daddy, we saw a third basket with a stuffed rabbit. He had come and even remembered one year old, Jean, and hid her basket behind the kitchen door. Oh! What a wonderful morning!
          How clever! The Easter Bunny had come, indeed, and left our baskets outside. What a great surprise! We carried them inside to examine the contents of the baskets as Aunt Elma had breakfast with our parents.