Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Joann Burnham
          It was to be their last supper with Jesus. Jesus wanted to have a final meal with his disciples to prepare them for his departure. They gathered together for supper in the Upper Room. Jesus washed and dried their feet. They talked and laughed and enjoyed the fellowship. The disciples never dreamed it would be the last time all of them would sit around the table together and share a meal.
          Suddenly Jesus spoke, “One of you will betray me”. The mood changed at once and all became silent and serious. The disciples looked at one another and shook their heads in disbelief. Each declared, “Not me, Lord. I will not betray you”. Jesus went on to say, “Before morning Peter will deny knowing me three times”. The disciples were confused and shocked, but Jesus had accepted his fate.
          He broke the bread and passed the wine. He explained that the bread represented his body which would be broken for them and the wine represented his blood which would be shed for them. He told them to eat and drink in remembrance of him. He also gave them a new commandment. Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you”.