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by Donna Rynasko
          In the first three gospels, after observing the crucifixion and hearing the words of the Lord from the cross, a centurion simply states that “Surely this man was the son of God.”
          A centurion was a Roman soldier who, according to law or custom, was at Golgotha that day to witness a crucifixion. The scripture does not give details of the soldiers’ duties or their assignments –just the one comment stated by the centurion that we now remember.
          Did that centurion not, at this time, receive a revelation that this man was, who he said he was- – -the son of God? He came away with new thoughts on his heart, proud that he had been chosen to observe the happening and would bless God for it from then on. He reflected on all he had heard and seen that day. He changed his way of life and lived as he felt the man on the cross was leading him. He would tell and retell the great thing he had seen to his family who would always be grateful as he led them to a new life. As he walked around the countryside he preached the word as Christ had done to his friends as he met them on the road or in the villages he passed by. He had been there, at the crucifixion, and he told about the event that he had experienced. And he believed!.