Trinity Writers’ Group 2020 Holy Week



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by Alice Kornegay Quinn
          As darkness slowly descended over the horizon, a group of followers watched as the eleventh hour appeared.  In the crowd standing over to one side, stood a group of ladies, among them was the mother of Jesus.  She too had come to watch her beloved son as he hung on the cross.  She stood silently alone, head bowed, eyes closed as the tears came running down her face, all the while praying. She silently watched her son as he clung to life.  The, son whom God had blessed her with, this young girl, barely a teen at the time, who was destined to bear a son who would save the world.  As she stood there, unaware of who else was there, she begin to ask herself, “Why me Lord, why did you give me a son and then take him away from me, how can I let him go?” 


          As the sun was going down, Jesus breathed his last breath saying, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit,” he closed his eyes and welcomed his heavenly father. 
          As the crowd silently moved away, Mary was sobbing the words, “My son, my son how can I let you go?”