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A Reflection on the Haiti Mission Trip

          It was January 12 at 4:53 in the afternoon local time when it hit. A catastrophic earthquake struck the Caribbean Island nation of Haiti.In the minutes, hours and days that followed more than 200,000 people perished. Thousands of children became orphans; many roaming the filthy streets without any idea of what was happening or where to turn. Many, many more were injured and in need of medical care in a country where modern medical care barely exists. Haiti was already the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Now it was the saddest country in the world. In October of that year I was able to get s pot on a Georgia based mission team heading to Port-au-Prince. We worked on rebuilding church and a school which and today the work our team began is a completed church and school campus very important to its “inner-city” neighborhood. The following year, my wife, JoAnn, Rene Cassady and I joined a North Carolina-based team headed for the very rural village of Rhode to forward construction of a church. We lived and worked among and with the people, playing with children, teaching Bible School. That church has since been completed and is now the center of the Rhode community. -Mark Hall


Following his trip to Haiti, Mark Hall committed to leading a team comprised of Trinity volunteers to continue the work in Haiti.

          In September of 2012 ten intrepid missioneers, including Pastor Jeff Cannon as co-leader, departed TUMC very early in the morning. We worked for a week rebuilding a clinic in the coastal town of Petit Goave. The job and the conditions were tough. We finished clearing rubble and what was left of the old clinic. Then the really hard work of digging and building a new foundation for the clinic began. The temperatures never dropped below 92 degrees, even at night, with no air conditioning anywhere. The project we started has now been completed and daily relieves the suffering of many in Haiti.
          I am always very proud to be a Methodist in Haiti. The United Methodist Church responded to the disaster with a tsunami wave of prayers, money and care. Actually, the UMC has had a permanent presence in Haiti for many years and has continually brought love and peace of Christ, faith, positive work and improvement to the conditions of the island. The first protestant missions were Methodist in 1807. Trinity United Methodist Church continues in mission to Haiti, sending faithful missioneers since 2011 and we plan another trip in 2014. – Mark Hall


Sunny Day Saturday

          In February, the Susannah Wesley Circle sponsored the Sunny Day Saturday Mission Day to make sun dresses for children in Haiti. All women of the church were invited to participate in this event. The idea was born when a donation of colorful fabric was made to Donna Crouser and JoAnn Hall prior to their last trip to Haiti. Unfortunately, there was not adequate time to do anything with it before they left, but there was time to make a plan! So, on one Saturday morning, with thirty-four women and thirteen sewing machines, we made one hundred sixteen beautiful sundresses! These will be delivered to Haiti by our mission team in September. We hope to make shorts for little boys next! – Ann Fisher
Trinity United Methodist Church continues in mission to Haiti, sending faithful missioneers since 2010.