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Reflections on the Russia Mission

          “One highlight of our trips to Russia was when Ginny, Lloyd King and I went on a Virginia Conference team to St. Petersburg to perform repair work on an orphanage for children with spina bifida. We took medical supplies, toys and bibles. We also had several people with disabilities from Virginia on our mission team. When we first entered the orphanage, which had only primitive facilities, most of the children were in cribs or on the floor, unable to walk. One of our young people with a disability instinctively knew what to do. He walked over to a crying child, sat on the floor beside her and stoked her cheek, providing comfort and connection.” – Simns Jacquette
          “On one of our trips to Russia, we took 50 Russian language Bibles which we were able to get with assistance from the Gideons. At that time, Bibles were banned in Russia. But we were able to pack one or two in each of our suitcases and get them in. We found people there had never heard even the basic bible stories and were starved for this. On the Russian orphanage trips , our teams became so fond of the children we were helping and the children, who had so little, warmed to us. The children called Simns “Mr. Seems” and one little girl in particular was quite fond of Mr. Seems. When we left to come home, this child gave Simns her doll, her treasured possession.” – Ginny Jacquette
          “During the 1990s, Russia was one of the mission focus areas of the United Methodist Church and Trinity participated in the Russia Initiative Children’s Program for a number of years. The purpose of this program was to give the children the opportunity to spend time in a clean, healthy environment to give a boost to their immune systems. The area of Russia that they came from was very industrial and polluted at that time. We hosted groups of about a dozen children and an adult interpreter for two weeks each July. The children’s parents paid for their travel expenses and we provided for their needs during the time that they were with us. The children stayed with host families and lots of fun group activities were included such as boat trips on the Pagan River, camping trips to the Outer Banks, and Fourth of July festivities. Interestingly, the parents of the children specifically wanted them to experience an American Fourth of July. A shopping day was always on the agenda and we collected suitcases so that they could take the extra items and gifts home with them. The children always brought gifts for their host families and the church. Some of these items are on display in the case by the church office.” – Glenn and Webbie Sauls