Our Missions Story


     Building on our long tradition of reaching out to help our neighbors, Trinity members have since the 1980s unselfishly responded to great human need both in our community and around the world by serving on mission teams.

     Our teams have rebuilt and  repaired homes and buildings in multiple trips to Kentucky and other Appalachian communities, built a Sunday School building in Mexico, classrooms in Bolivia, a Training Center in Honduras, and performed other mission work in Brazil and Costa Rico.  Altogether, eight trips were made to Russia in the 1990s to work in orphanages repairing buildings, conduct Bible classes and provide needed medical supplies.

     Teams have responded to devastating floods close to home in Franklin, Virginia and Greenville, North Carolina as well as in Nashville and to hurricane damage in Homestead, Florida and Mississippi.

     More recently, Trinity teams have made several  trips to Haiti rebuilding from the massive earthquake suffered  in 2010.  We have responded to flooding and storm damage in New York and New Jersey from Tropical Storm Sandy and responded to many local needs.

     Simns Jacquette has been the inspiration and energy behind so many of our mission trips.  He personally made eight trips to Russia as well as numerous trips to other countries and within the United States.

     People asked why we went to other countries when there is so much need at home. I have always thought we can’t live just in our own world, we need to go the other places too.  Ginny and I have so many memories of our mission trips and we believe they have made a difference in many lives including our own.  Mission trips teach you a great deal about life.  You learn people are different with different ways and customs.  People in other parts of the world don’t live the way we do and are not necessarily going to be how we would like them to be. We don’t try to change them.  Let them see how we do and how we react. We hope we have made a difference, one person at a time. –Simns Jacquette

     Over the past 30 years, there have been many mission  needs and Trinity members have responded to those in need at home and around  the world in Haiti, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Brazil, Costa Rica, Russia, Jamaica, St. Johns, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Kentucky, Florida and Louisiana. The following recollections are representative of Trinity’s mission trips.

     These missions have brought great benefits to the locations served, but they have also had great and long lasting impact on the lives of those who served. For more information on how you can get involved with a mission team, please contact our mission coordinator Rick Hope (rickhop11258@gmail.com),