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Class Description

          This adult Sunday School class is lecture based and is offered each Sunday morning at the Center for the residents. The class enjoys singing hymns and uses the United Methodist Adult Bible Study Series. Communion is administered on the first Sunday of each month.

Meeting Time & Location

Sunday Mornings
Magnolia Manor

More About this Class

          Sunday School at Magnolia Manor, a local assisted care facility, has been a special Trinity outreach for over 20 years. Established under the leadership of Ginny Jacquette , the program is led today by Gail Hamilton and Ardell Henry, who along with other Trinity volunteers including John Edwards and Richard Hollis , visit with residents and hold a class each Sunday morning. Jean Marshall coordinates volunteers to play the piano each week. Gail says, “We open with a prayer, ask for special prayer requests, sing hymns, and have a regular lesson. On the first Sunday of the month, we hold a Communion service. I think the most important thing is that Ardell and I visit each class member individually to talk about what is going on in their lives and what may be concerning them. The residents are so thankful and happy. I feel all this love. Truly, we receive more than we give.”
          In the early 1990s, Pastor Bill Mayton asked me to start a Sunday School Class at Magnolia Manor so, with several others, we began Sunday School and visiting the residents there, with lessons and music, and communion once a month. There were times when I asked, “Lord, is it time to stop,” but the Lord kept sending helpers so that ministry is flourishing today as it helps bring church and connection to the residents there. – Ginny Jacquette