Methodist Adult Fellowship Class



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Class Description

          This Sunday School class is for adults of all ages, single and married, meet downstairs in the MAF room, G105. Various adult bible study resources are selected by the class which keeps the discussion focused and elicits lively conversation. This class is involved with different community projects and enjoys several social outings throughout the year.

Meeting Time & Location

9:45-10:45 AM
MAF Classroom (downstairs)

More About this Class

          MAF Class was established in the 1970s to serve a growing need for a class comprised of both singles and couples. The MAF stands for “Methodist Adult Fellowship” but some members, after so many years say it really stands for “Mature and Aging Fast”. Always an active class, member Ingrid King who has been a member since it was formed, remembers some activities in the 1980s: “For several years we’d take the ferry to Williamsburg with our kids and our bikes. We would bike the Colonial Parkway, big or small loop, then we’d meet for a picnic in the park. We were lucky to always have great weather. At Christmas, we would visit the shut-ins and sing carols. We rode in a farm truck filled up with bales of hay. Adults and kids huddled together …brr…it was cold, but several times, we had a piano and someone to play. One of the highlights of the year was the summer ice cream social in the back of the church, the area that is now the parking lot. There used to be a hill there. The choir performed several times and the piece I most remember is “The Grasshopper”, led by Glenn Pitman. Homemade ice cream completed the day and really hit the spot.” Over the last several years, the MAF class has collected various depictions of Christ. These works of art have great meaning for the class and are prominently displayed in the classroom.