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Our Purpose

          Our Purpose is to offer your child an environment where they feel loved and cared for. Our Goal is to increase your child’s knowledge and give them the confidence they need to be successful in school for years to come. We will couple this with spiritual lessons plans to promote good morals and faith. We will meet the children’ s unique needs with custom lesson plans. We will engage the children in an inquiry rich, experiment based interactive learning environment that spans to all developmental levels.

School Prayer

          Lord, thank you for all the unique gifts of every child as they transition into our school this year. Fill each student with fresh enthusiasm and a heart that is excited to learn and grow. Cover them with your enduring love, give them confidence and grace, and equip them with the ability to persevere through trials. Bless our teachers with wisdom, understanding, and a heart to serve as they embark on their journey together. Amen

Our Programs

          We offer a 3 day program for 2 year olds and a 4 day program for 3 & 4 year olds. Our class times are 9:00am-Noon. We follow the Isle of Wight  county school schedule for holiday and weather related closings. Classes begin the 2nd Tuesday of September and go through the 3rd week in May.

Our Curriculum

          TUMC Preschool teachers have created a curriculum that offers high quality early childhood instruction and faith based lessons. Research shows that relationships play a critical role in the brain development of preschoolers. Activities for our students are developed to help build strong relationships by paying attention to children’s feelings, interests, and needs. Active learning and choice are encouraged to help children grow and develop in a loving environment. Young children learn by doing, and need opportunities to explore and grow. Preschool activities foster creativity and promote emotional, cognitive, social, language, and physical development. Age appropriate lessons build self-esteem and an enthusiasm for learning.  We couple our instruction with faith based lessons that offer a cross-curriculur learning experience for all students. For more information please call (757) 357-3659, visit the Trinity UMC office, or email the Preschool Director.

We look forward to getting to know your family.

Offering quality education since 1989.

*Scholarships are rewarded to families in need*
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