United Methodist Men

     The Trinity United Methodist Men’s organization (TUMM) serves the church in many ways and the organization has evolved as our needs and membership have changed. Recently, TUMM has reorganized under the leadership of Rick Hope, Ted Bright and Mac Watson with emphasis on demonstrating how a vital men’s organization can make a major difference in the lives of those men, their families, and their church. The TUMM host a breakfast meeting on the third Saturday of every month in the Cave starting at 8 a.m. A devotional message and a guest speaker are featured along with planning how TUMM can assist in the life of Trinity. According to Rick Hope, “There are real needs out there and our goal is to help find those men that are willing and able to help fill those needs. We have hosted a North Carolina style barbeque for the past two years as a fundraising activity that will allow us to give financial support to a variety of worthwhile missions like Heart Havens, the Boy Scouts, Trinity Mission Support, The Garage, COP, and other groups that can use a helping hand.. All men of the church are invited to attend.”
     For more information about the United Methodist Men, please contact Rick Hope (rickhop11258@gmail.com),