Make A Joyful Noise! 

Trinity has always been known for its great and powerful music program.  For many, music binds the elements of the worship service and enhances the experience.


Music at the 8:30 Service

An Inspiring Voice:

Becky Ringler volunteers her time to lead  the music at the  8:30 service on Sunday mornings where her wonderful solos are a high point of the service. She also sings in the Praise Team at the Rivers of Life.  Richard Winfree says of Becky,” She is humble, her talent is exceptional, and she leads by a positive example in all that she does.”  Becky’s talent and consistency are two things that make the 8:30 service unique and special to all of its attendees.

Music at Rivers (9:30 Service)

The Praise Team:

The Praise Team consists of  singers, drums,  flutes, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, sound technician , and digital media presentation.  Each week the team learns and performs music of ever increasing difficulty in preparation of leading the Rivers worship service. The Praise Team play more contemporary praise and worship songs.  In addition to the music, they also spend a great deal of time setting up and breaking down equipment for rehearsals and Sunday services, and decorating for holiday events.  They hard working, dedicated, and talented individuals – a terrific group!

Traditional Service (11:00 Service)

Chancel Choir:  

Our Chancel Choir, under the direction of Richard Winfree, Director of Music, is comprised of many strong and enthusiastic voices.  Choir members give selflessly of themselves and their talents to present beautiful  anthems at the 11:00 service  each Sunday and  special music throughout the year.

Wednesday nights are choir rehearsal nights at Trinity and great fun.  We arrive with a love of singing, get out our music, take our seats and focus our attention on Richard, our engaging director, and off we go to an invigorating one and a half  hours of challenging music.  We learn, we laugh, we fellowship, and sing under the leadership of an energetic, talented and knowledgeable musician who makes it all fun – and  all to the Glory of God. Who could ask for more?  We encourage new members all the time! – Carolyn Savinsky   


We enjoy the listening to the organ during the 11:00 service.  Recently our wonderful organist of more than 30 years, Jean Marshall, has retired.  She was a stalwart of our music program and a key member of the music team.  Currently, we have some very talented people coming in to play the organ and lead our service in that capacity.  We are looking forward to filling the position to continue the legacy of exceptional organists that we have been blessed to have at Trinity.

Other Special Musical Groups

The Celebration Ringers:

Under the direction of Tammera Missel, the Bell Choir-Celebration Ringers provide beautiful special music.  They practice on Wednesday and play occasionally during the 8:30 service and at the 11:00 service.  The group is very dedicated and have flourished under Tammera’s leadership.  To get more information or to join the bells email Tammera at

Children’s choirs

We have a children’s choir, who to the delight of the congregation, sing at several services and special events throughout the year.  Children’s choir meets on Wednesday night after our dinner from 6:15 – 6:45.  Other than singing the children enjoy playing instruments such as drums, bells designed especially for children, and boomers.  If your child (4 years – 5th grade) is interested at all in learning more about music and having fun then join us on Wednesday night!

Some thoughts about music at Trinity:

There were so many wonderful experiences in the 34 years I directed the Trinity choir. There was Heppy (J. O. Heptinstall),  a special tenor who was always at choir practice, able to read every note in the tenor line. There was Glenn Pitman, who brought many things with him to Trinity, chief among them being the musical, GRASSHOPPER, which we sang at many ice cream socials. And the special choir, 36 members strong, who made a fund-raiser recording. That choir was filled with talented young people as well as older adults.  And finally, there was George Kean, with his beautiful tenor voice who sang “O Holy Night” every year at the eleven o’clock Christmas Eve Service. – Doris Rea Gwaltney

 The Organ which we enjoy during each service in the sanctuary was built by the M. P. Moller Company of Hagerstown, Maryland and originally installed in 1952. When the sanctuary was increased in size in 1983, the organ was reinstalled with minimal work performed.  But, by 1992, it was showing its age with leaks, hisses, notes slow to stop playing, and chimes that mostly did not work.  So we undertook the renovation and rebuilding of the organ, learning in the process just how complicated organs can be, how each sounds different according to its own sanctuary and that there are various ways to bring an organ back to life.  Work was performed by W. Lee Henricks Pipe Organ Service from Norfolk in 1997 with additional sets of older pipes especially suited to the original Moller organ, and  additional digitally generated pedals to fill in where needed for the larger sanctuary.  Because music has been a special part of our worship, we are blessed to have had the support of our membership to continue to enhance the musical instruments to accompany the choir and bring us an atmosphere of worship that is so meaningful.  Take time to savor the sounds Jean finds in our organ.   –  Florine Moore