ccChildren are welcome at all church services at Trinity.  A nursery is available for younger children and those between Grades 1 and  5 are invited to Children’s Church which  begins after the Children’s Time in the 11 o’clock service.  Bible stories, activities, and crafts all make this a time of learning and fellowship for our young people. Children use Bible skits and interactive activities, such as wrapping yarn around a prayer tree to meditate on prayer requests, to learn about the Bible and parts of  the worship service

Children’s Time with Nancy

Each Sunday in the eleven o’clock service, Miss Nancy comes down out of the choir, where she is one of the lead sopranos, and waits for the children to walk toward her down the aisle. Some are indeed walking slowly, but some are skipping and some break into a run. They are delighted to see her. They know she will have a wonderful message for them. One they can understand. One that expresses to them the love of Jesus. For that same love is mirrored in her face, her smile.

Nancy always has some object in her hands. An image or symbol of the love she is teaching. Sometimes she has flowers, sometimes a bookmark, sometimes a book. There is a short time allotted to this message, but she always fills it up with something that is important to the spiritual growth of the children. Then she finishes the message with a prayer. The final sentence of the prayer can bring tears to the eyes of the congregation.

“We love you, Jesus,” Nancy says.  And they reply.  “We love you, Jesus.”

 This is a message to everyone, adults and children alike.